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These learning materials are suitable for those studying CEFR Level A2

What can you buy for €1 in a Norwegian supermarket? What can you buy for €1 in a Norwegian supermarket?

Monica, a Portuguese vlogger living in Norway, carries out an experiment to reveal the true cost of living. How much food can she buy in her local supermarket for one euro or less? The answer might surprise you.

Living in 1927 Living in 1927

Three families go back in time and adopt the lifestyle of 1920s coal-mining communities. As today's technology is an integral part of our lives, we see how the families manage cooking, washing, work, and leisure without it.

A Cocos Malay Wedding A Cocos Malay Wedding

Siti helps her brother-in-law paint his skin yellow: he is getting ready for his wedding in the Cocos Malay tradition. However, as they prepare, Siti is worried about the feast. They live on a small isolated Australian island and their supply boat is three weeks late. Its delay jeoparidises the celebrations - will everything go right on the day?

Chris, the Comic Book Writer Chris, the Comic Book Writer

Manhattan-based Chris is a comic book writer on a quest to pursue his dream and get his book on the stands. He has commissioned artwork and even shot a short firm to showcase the character he has created: The Protector.

Bionic Boots Bionic Boots

Justin is travelling around the world to learn about futuristic inventions. He meets Keahi, whose Bionic Boots allow him to run faster than any other human. Justin challenges Keahi to a race: bicycle versus boots. Who will win?

Our Clothes Our Clothes

Ade Adepitan travels to Ghana to discover what happens to the second-hand clothes people from the UK give away for free. He takes in a traditional market where clothes are being altered, meets a historian to learn about the significance of traditional clothing, and finds out what local professionals would wear when they dress to impress.

Hannah's Van Hannah's Van

Hannah is a student. Instead of paying expensive rent in the city she lives in her van full-time. She explains what makes living in a van possible as well as talking about some of the difficulties. Overall, her home lets her live her life in a way she enjoys.

Storm Chasers Storm Chasers

Reed is at the centre of one of the largest tornadoes in history, but he doesn't know that yet. He and his team of storm chasers follow and film extreme weather for a living, but this is not an average day at the office. El Reno grows in size and power as it moves across the state, taking them by surprise at every turn, but still they keep going. Why? Their footage will be broadcast on television for the country (and the world) to see.

A Different Kind of Journey A Different Kind of Journey

British photographer Timothy Allen experiences life on the move, following a large Nomadic family in Mongolia. He witnesses their unique travels as they move their possessions, pop-up shelters, and hundreds of animals across the snowy Altai mountains.

Welcome Refugees Welcome Refugees

Ballaghaderreen, a small town in Ireland, is getting ready for the arrival of 80 Syrian refugees. Some people are doubtful about the arrival, but the new residents receive warm welcomes all around: Ballaghaderreen is definitely ready to accept refugees.

Sophie's Costume Sophie's Costume

Sophie, a vlogger from Germany, loves gaming. We follow as she explores her passion and creates costumes from scratch for the two biggest gaming events of the year: Cosplay and Gamescom.

The Climate Heroes The Climate Heroes

Six innovative thinkers have come together to combat the environmental challenges suffered by rural California. In an attempt to prevent dangerous forest fires, they work with real engineers to develop a prototype screensaver, with cameras that can monitor the forest.

Growing Cities Growing Cities

Dan and Andrew travel the USA seeking a solution for urban farming, to help people in cities find the quality fresh food needed for a healthy lifestyle. They compare empty lots in Detroit with the dense population of New York.