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These learning materials are suitable for those studying CEFR Level B1

Volunteer Hairdresser Volunteer Hairdresser

Josh and Jade are volunteers who offer their time and talents helping the homeless community. Josh gives free haircuts, and Jade helps homeless people’s dogs. We see them work with locals in need on the streets of East London.

Soul Food Soul Food

South London offers an impressive array of global delicacies, with cuisines from North Africa, the Middle East, Jamaica and more. We learn why these stall and shop owners dedicate so much time and effort to making food for their communities.

Patrick Speaks Patrick Speaks

Patrick is deaf. He's never had a conversation, but things are about to change. Raymond comes to the village, offering to teach Patrick and other hearing impaired locals how to communicate, through sign language. It's a life-changing opportunity for Patrick but, having lived a life of silence for 15 years, will he be brave enough to find his voice?

Truths about Common Illnesses Truths about Common Illnesses

Doctors Helen and Javid are on a mission to reveal the truth behind popular myths about the common cold. Javid takes on freezing weather without a coat, and Helen is shocked to find out how far sneezes can spread.

Pottery Challenge Pottery Challenge

A group of artists put their creative skills to the test. They must work against the clock to create a set of tiles, before showing their work to the judges. There can only be one winner.

How to Make Money and Travel Full Time How to Make Money and Travel Full Time

YouTubers Bee and Theo are full-time travellers with virtual careers, which they conduct from their narrow boat and their van. From YouTube videos to stock photos and blogging, they explain how they earn money while being constantly on the move.

Shona Faces Her Fears Shona Faces Her Fears

Shona loved horse riding before she was badly injured in an accident. We follow Shona on her journey to rebuilding her confidence, as she faces her fears and conquers her anxiety at Jockey School.

Moai heads, the pride of Rapa Nui Moai heads, the pride of Rapa Nui

We've all seen the famous Moai heads, in films, on TV and in pictures. Not many of us have seen them in person though - as they live on Easter Island, a small island in the Pacific Ocean. How did the heads get there and what were they for?

Can a Computer Write a Musical? Can a Computer Write a Musical?

West End theatre producers and computer scientists are an unlikely match, but they join forces in an experiment to create the world's first computer-generated musical. We watch from the wings as they battle to get the show ready in time.

Speaking Through Poetry Speaking Through Poetry

Lucrecia, a young Londoner, explains how she uses poetry as an outlet to express herself. Featuring excerpts of poetry performance, the lives of British ethnic minority communities are brought to the forefront in this story about self-expression.

Alternative Shopping: Vintage Markets Alternative Shopping: Vintage Markets

Ana, a fashionista in Barcelona, hits two markets in search of a bargain. First, the obvious and most popular choice these days, a Sunday vintage market where private vendors and small retailers come together with an offer that is as much about entertainment as it is about actual buying and selling. Next, an indoor market where everything is just one euro!

Tabitha's Vlog - Memories of Iceland Tabitha's Vlog - Memories of Iceland

Tabitha tells us all about her feelings as she moved from London to Iceland and went through a whole set of new experiences there.