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These learning materials are suitable for those studying CEFR Level B2

Tricks All Round Tricks All Round

If there's one thing the British magician Dynamo loves about his job, it's bringing laughter and happiness where it's needed most. We watch him pay a visit to a children's charity where he impresses kids and adults alike with his dazzling skills.

Fubunation Fubunation

Waddah and Rhys are two young men from Inner London who became friends at school and have gone on to develop a collaboration as professional choreographers and dancers, while remaining good friends.

Social Media Challenge Social Media Challenge

Mon is a 26-year-old architect and vlogger, so social media is a huge part of her life, but she's decided enough is enough. She's doing a five-day detox: no posting, no sharing, and no looking. Mon takes us with her as she experiments with living a week offline.

Wildlife Filmmaker Wildlife Filmmaker

A day in the life of Kim Wolhuter, an Emmy award-winning photographer and filmmaker with a unique approach to wildlife documentary filming: close up and shoeless. We follow as he sets off in his trusty companion - a car equipped with several GoPro cameras - to find his old friends, the hyenas.

Swimming with Whales Swimming with Whales

Stig is a freediver with an unusual dream: he wants to dive with one of the ocean's top predators: killer whales. He's prepared to take on the sub-zero temperatures and the danger, but others aren't sure that he should. Many people push themselves to the limit to experience incredible things, but is it worth it? Stig certainly thinks so.

Working at Sea Working at Sea

A young fisherwoman takes to the sea. She feels at home here, despite the opinions, comments, and pressures from those who question her choice of work. Shrugging off the stereotypical expectations and supposed limitations that attend her gender, she explains what she loves about being on the open water and why she's not going anywhere else.

Keeping it Local Keeping it Local

The local community in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, USA, have done something quite unusual: they've created their own currency. ‘Berkshares’ are printed bills accepted by over 350 local stores. It sounds whimsical but the maths show that it's a solid way to support a community; local currencies like this could well be the future of money.

A Biofuelled Trip A Biofuelled Trip

Sean Lee Davis has heard about an invention that sounds too good to be true: a converter that turns waste cooking oil into biofuel. Having learned how the technology works, he sets off to deliver a portable version, relying on the machine to power his journey all the way from Singapore to Cambodia.

Cooking Korean Cooking Korean

Chef Kristen Kish is Korean, but knows very little about the cuisine. She and Danielle Chang set out to correct this in New York City, where they try Korean donuts, before embarking on a wild lesson on how to make that famous Korean staple, kimchi.

E-Body E-Body

Justin travels to Singapore to meet Dr James Teh, who believes that the sense of touch has a powerful effect on our health. He's the inventor of the T-Jacket, a jacket that mimics the feeling of a hug. Justin wants to see it in action so visits Julie and her son, whose lives it has changed for the better.

Cops on the Job Cops on the Job

A day in the average police officer's life is a far cry from the Hollywood stereotype of chases, arrests, and confrontations. We follow PC Carla Rossi and PC Mark Louis as they respond to urgent calls from dispatch and colleagues, and discover that there's much more to being a police officer than anyone would expect.