Animals and Nature

Swimming with Whales Swimming with Whales

Stig is a freediver with an unusual dream: he wants to dive with one of the ocean's top predators: killer whales. He's prepared to take on the sub-zero temperatures and the danger, but others aren't sure that he should. Many people push themselves to the limit to experience incredible things, but is it worth it? Stig certainly thinks so.

Wildlife Filmmaker Wildlife Filmmaker

A day in the life of Kim Wolhuter, an Emmy award-winning photographer and filmmaker with a unique approach to wildlife documentary filming: close up and shoeless. We follow as he sets off in his trusty companion - a car equipped with several GoPro cameras - to find his old friends, the hyenas.

Shona Faces Her Fears Shona Faces Her Fears

Shona loved horse riding before she was badly injured in an accident. We follow Shona on her journey to rebuilding her confidence, as she faces her fears and conquers her anxiety at Jockey School.

A Different Kind of Journey A Different Kind of Journey

British photographer Timothy Allen experiences life on the move, following a large Nomadic family in Mongolia. He witnesses their unique travels as they move their possessions, pop-up shelters, and hundreds of animals across the snowy Altai mountains.

Storm Chasers Storm Chasers

Reed is at the centre of one of the largest tornadoes in history, but he doesn't know that yet. He and his team of storm chasers follow and film extreme weather for a living, but this is not an average day at the office. El Reno grows in size and power as it moves across the state, taking them by surprise at every turn, but still they keep going. Why? Their footage will be broadcast on television for the country (and the world) to see.

Sloth Calendar Sloth Calendar

Photographer Lucy travels to Costa Rica in the hope of capturing one of the most popular wild animals, the sloth. She explores a sloth sanctuary and learns about their living habits, shooting them for her famous sloth calendar.