Arts and Literature

Fubunation Fubunation

Waddah and Rhys are two young men from Inner London who became friends at school and have gone on to develop a collaboration as professional choreographers and dancers, while remaining good friends.

The Real Story of Tutankhamun The Real Story of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun is one of the world’s most famous Pharaohs. The Pharaoh’s beautiful mask is a symbol of ancient Egypt. We follow Dallas Campbell to the Valley of the Kings as he seeks to find out what Tutankhamun’s tomb can tell us about the king’s life.

Wildlife Filmmaker Wildlife Filmmaker

A day in the life of Kim Wolhuter, an Emmy award-winning photographer and filmmaker with a unique approach to wildlife documentary filming: close up and shoeless. We follow as he sets off in his trusty companion - a car equipped with several GoPro cameras - to find his old friends, the hyenas.

Bristol Dubwize by Stanstylee Bristol Dubwize by Stanstylee

Stanley - or StanStylee - is a British street artist. We join him in Bristol, an international centre for street art and the home city of Banksy. Visitors flock to the city to see the art on its walls, but how is it made, and what is grafitti really all about? Stan explains as he creates his latest piece before our eyes.

Speaking Through Poetry Speaking Through Poetry

Lucrecia, a young Londoner, explains how she uses poetry as an outlet to express herself. Featuring excerpts of poetry performance, the lives of British ethnic minority communities are brought to the forefront in this story about self-expression.

Can a Computer Write a Musical? Can a Computer Write a Musical?

West End theatre producers and computer scientists are an unlikely match, but they join forces in an experiment to create the world's first computer-generated musical. We watch from the wings as they battle to get the show ready in time.

Pottery Challenge Pottery Challenge

A group of artists put their creative skills to the test. They must work against the clock to create a set of tiles, before showing their work to the judges. There can only be one winner.

Sophie's Costume Sophie's Costume

Sophie, a vlogger from Germany, loves gaming. We follow as she explores her passion and creates costumes from scratch for the two biggest gaming events of the year: Cosplay and Gamescom.

Chris, the Comic Book Writer Chris, the Comic Book Writer

Manhattan-based Chris is a comic book writer on a quest to pursue his dream and get his book on the stands. He has commissioned artwork and even shot a short firm to showcase the character he has created: The Protector.