Language and Communication

Social Media Challenge Social Media Challenge

Mon is a 26-year-old architect and vlogger, so social media is a huge part of her life, but she's decided enough is enough. She's doing a five-day detox: no posting, no sharing, and no looking. Mon takes us with her as she experiments with living a week offline.

Patrick Speaks Patrick Speaks

Patrick is deaf. He's never had a conversation, but things are about to change. Raymond comes to the village, offering to teach Patrick and other hearing impaired locals how to communicate, through sign language. It's a life-changing opportunity for Patrick but, having lived a life of silence for 15 years, will he be brave enough to find his voice?

Speaking Through Poetry Speaking Through Poetry

Lucrecia, a young Londoner, explains how she uses poetry as an outlet to express herself. Featuring excerpts of poetry performance, the lives of British ethnic minority communities are brought to the forefront in this story about self-expression.

Farhana's Rafikis: Meet and Greet in Mombasa Farhana's Rafikis: Meet and Greet in Mombasa

Kenyan YouTuber Farhana Oberson has thousands of followers. Like many vloggers, she's given her community of followers a name: Rafikis, which is the Swahili word for 'friend'. To thank her Rafikis for their continued support and to get to know them in person, she organises the first-ever YouTuber meet and greet event in Mombasa.