Culture and Celebrations

The Real Story of Tutankhamun The Real Story of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun is one of the world’s most famous Pharaohs. The Pharaoh’s beautiful mask is a symbol of ancient Egypt. We follow Dallas Campbell to the Valley of the Kings as he seeks to find out what Tutankhamun’s tomb can tell us about the king’s life.

Our Clothes Our Clothes

Ade Adepitan travels to Ghana to discover what happens to the second-hand clothes people from the UK give away for free. He takes in a traditional market where clothes are being altered, meets a historian to learn about the significance of traditional clothing, and finds out what local professionals would wear when they dress to impress.

Cooking Korean Cooking Korean

Chef Kristen Kish is Korean, but knows very little about the cuisine. She and Danielle Chang set out to correct this in New York City, where they try Korean donuts, before embarking on a wild lesson on how to make that famous Korean staple, kimchi.

A Different Kind of Journey A Different Kind of Journey

British photographer Timothy Allen experiences life on the move, following a large Nomadic family in Mongolia. He witnesses their unique travels as they move their possessions, pop-up shelters, and hundreds of animals across the snowy Altai mountains.

A Cocos Malay Wedding A Cocos Malay Wedding

Siti helps her brother-in-law paint his skin yellow: he is getting ready for his wedding in the Cocos Malay tradition. However, as they prepare, Siti is worried about the feast. They live on a small isolated Australian island and their supply boat is three weeks late. Its delay jeoparidises the celebrations - will everything go right on the day?

Moai heads, the pride of Rapa Nui Moai heads, the pride of Rapa Nui

We've all seen the famous Moai heads, in films, on TV and in pictures. Not many of us have seen them in person though - as they live on Easter Island, a small island in the Pacific Ocean. How did the heads get there and what were they for?

My Italian Town My Italian Town

Mickela Mallozzi is American, but she's going back to her family town of Minturno, Italy, to reconnect with her beloved Nonna and to dance in the annual Wheat Harvest Festival. It's a chance for the whole town to celebrate, but Mickela has only days to learn the new choreography so she can take part, and do her grandmother proud.