Growing Cities Growing Cities

Dan and Andrew travel the USA seeking a solution for urban farming, to help people in cities find the quality fresh food needed for a healthy lifestyle. They compare empty lots in Detroit with the dense population of New York.

Saving the Flying Rivers Saving the Flying Rivers

Water from the Amazon Rainforest serves countries around the world. But this vital ecosystem is threatened by deforestation. Gérard Moss and his team launch the Flying Rivers Project to research exactly how the rainforest works, and share that knowledge with younger generations in the hope that by understanding it, they will go on to help protect it.

The Climate Heroes The Climate Heroes

Six innovative thinkers have come together to combat the environmental challenges suffered by rural California. In an attempt to prevent dangerous forest fires, they work with real engineers to develop a prototype screensaver, with cameras that can monitor the forest.

A Biofuelled Trip A Biofuelled Trip

Sean Lee Davis has heard about an invention that sounds too good to be true: a converter that turns waste cooking oil into biofuel. Having learned how the technology works, he sets off to deliver a portable version, relying on the machine to power his journey all the way from Singapore to Cambodia.