Family and Relationships

Fubunation Fubunation

Waddah and Rhys are two young men from Inner London who became friends at school and have gone on to develop a collaboration as professional choreographers and dancers, while remaining good friends.

Finding Your Roots Finding Your Roots

Noel Clarke is a British actor and filmmaker. He grew up without knowing much about his father's side of the family, and wants to learn more. Noel had grown up proud to have roots in Trinidad, but on closer inspection, he discovers his family actually come from Grenada and Carriacou too.

Ghassan's Journey Ghassan's Journey

Ghassan and his family arrive in Ireland after a long and difficult journey from Syria. They're asylum seekers, waiting to hear about their refugee status. We join Ghassan as he adjusts to a new culture and community, and learn about what it's like to live a life in limbo. Will he receive his refugee status?

Patrick Speaks Patrick Speaks

Patrick is deaf. He's never had a conversation, but things are about to change. Raymond comes to the village, offering to teach Patrick and other hearing impaired locals how to communicate, through sign language. It's a life-changing opportunity for Patrick but, having lived a life of silence for 15 years, will he be brave enough to find his voice?

Volunteer Hairdresser Volunteer Hairdresser

Josh and Jade are volunteers who offer their time and talents helping the homeless community. Josh gives free haircuts, and Jade helps homeless people’s dogs. We see them work with locals in need on the streets of East London.

Welcome Refugees Welcome Refugees

Ballaghaderreen, a small town in Ireland, is getting ready for the arrival of 80 Syrian refugees. Some people are doubtful about the arrival, but the new residents receive warm welcomes all around: Ballaghaderreen is definitely ready to accept refugees.

A Cocos Malay Wedding A Cocos Malay Wedding

Siti helps her brother-in-law paint his skin yellow: he is getting ready for his wedding in the Cocos Malay tradition. However, as they prepare, Siti is worried about the feast. They live on a small isolated Australian island and their supply boat is three weeks late. Its delay jeoparidises the celebrations - will everything go right on the day?

Living in 1927 Living in 1927

Three families go back in time and adopt the lifestyle of 1920s coal-mining communities. As today's technology is an integral part of our lives, we see how the families manage cooking, washing, work, and leisure without it.

Skate Brothers Skate Brothers

Zion is an eight-year-old skateboarding sensation, and has been performing tricks and winning competitions for years. Talent runs in the family, as Zion's brother Jax is only two and is already following in his brother’s footsteps.

Nadiya's Family Nadiya's Family

Nadiya, winner of the The Great British Bake Off, has always felt very British despite her Bangladeshi heritage. She decides to visit Bangladesh, where her parents, cousins, and grandmother help her connect to the culture of her family's home country.