E-Body E-Body

Justin travels to Singapore to meet Dr James Teh, who believes that the sense of touch has a powerful effect on our health. He's the inventor of the T-Jacket, a jacket that mimics the feeling of a hug. Justin wants to see it in action so visits Julie and her son, whose lives it has changed for the better.

South Pole Challenge South Pole Challenge

Richard Parks is attempting to break the world record for the fastest person to reach the South Pole from the coast of Antartica. He's trained hard to prepare his body and mind for the challenge, and he's equipped himself with carefully created meals for the duration. It's a long, hard journey, in freezing conditions. Can he achieve his dream?

Speaking Through Poetry Speaking Through Poetry

Lucrecia, a young Londoner, explains how she uses poetry as an outlet to express herself. Featuring excerpts of poetry performance, the lives of British ethnic minority communities are brought to the forefront in this story about self-expression.

Truths about Common Illnesses Truths about Common Illnesses

Doctors Helen and Javid are on a mission to reveal the truth behind popular myths about the common cold. Javid takes on freezing weather without a coat, and Helen is shocked to find out how far sneezes can spread.