Science and Technology

Social Media Challenge Social Media Challenge

Mon is a 26-year-old architect and vlogger, so social media is a huge part of her life, but she's decided enough is enough. She's doing a five-day detox: no posting, no sharing, and no looking. Mon takes us with her as she experiments with living a week offline.

Saving the Flying Rivers Saving the Flying Rivers

Water from the Amazon Rainforest serves countries around the world. But this vital ecosystem is threatened by deforestation. Gérard Moss and his team launch the Flying Rivers Project to research exactly how the rainforest works, and share that knowledge with younger generations in the hope that by understanding it, they will go on to help protect it.

The Mystery of the Axe The Mystery of the Axe

Archaeologists find a strange object in a Huron Indian settlement in Canada. It's an iron tool, which Native tribes did not use, dating back from before Europeans had reached the area. Its discovery could change Native American history as we know it. Researchers Andrea and Ron investigate, to try and solve the mystery of the axe.

Truths about Common Illnesses Truths about Common Illnesses

Doctors Helen and Javid are on a mission to reveal the truth behind popular myths about the common cold. Javid takes on freezing weather without a coat, and Helen is shocked to find out how far sneezes can spread.

The Climate Heroes The Climate Heroes

Six innovative thinkers have come together to combat the environmental challenges suffered by rural California. In an attempt to prevent dangerous forest fires, they work with real engineers to develop a prototype screensaver, with cameras that can monitor the forest.

Crazy Rides Crazy Rides

We follow inventors Mark and Theon as they rebuild cars to create new and innovative modes of transport. Mark converts an aeroplane into a car, and Theon combines a boat and a truck. The question is: will they work?

A Biofuelled Trip A Biofuelled Trip

Sean Lee Davis has heard about an invention that sounds too good to be true: a converter that turns waste cooking oil into biofuel. Having learned how the technology works, he sets off to deliver a portable version, relying on the machine to power his journey all the way from Singapore to Cambodia.

E-Body E-Body

Justin travels to Singapore to meet Dr James Teh, who believes that the sense of touch has a powerful effect on our health. He's the inventor of the T-Jacket, a jacket that mimics the feeling of a hug. Justin wants to see it in action so visits Julie and her son, whose lives it has changed for the better.

Bringing Light Bringing Light

Heidi works for d.light, a company that designs solar lights for the millions of homes with limited access to electricity. The technology is simple and in lab conditions, it works wonders. Out in the real world, however, the lights simply aren't working. Heidi finds out that while new technologies can be great, they're worth little if customers can't use them.

Can a Computer Write a Musical? Can a Computer Write a Musical?

West End theatre producers and computer scientists are an unlikely match, but they join forces in an experiment to create the world's first computer-generated musical. We watch from the wings as they battle to get the show ready in time.

Bionic Boots Bionic Boots

Justin is travelling around the world to learn about futuristic inventions. He meets Keahi, whose Bionic Boots allow him to run faster than any other human. Justin challenges Keahi to a race: bicycle versus boots. Who will win?

Volcano Adventure Volcano Adventure

Sam Cossman explores the world’s most dangerous places and uses innovative technology to capture footage that has never been seen before. He shares his mission to the depths of an active volcano where he captures VR footage inside the crater.