Steve's Vlog - Exploring the Island of East Java Steve's Vlog - Exploring the Island of East Java

Travel vlogger Steve gives us a tour of East Java and it's most impressive natural sights.

Crazy Rides Crazy Rides

We follow inventors Mark and Theon as they rebuild cars to create new and innovative modes of transport. Mark converts an aeroplane into a car, and Theon combines a boat and a truck. The question is: will they work?

Finding Your Roots Finding Your Roots

Noel Clarke is a British actor and filmmaker. He grew up without knowing much about his father's side of the family, and wants to learn more. Noel had grown up proud to have roots in Trinidad, but on closer inspection, he discovers his family actually come from Grenada and Carriacou too.

My Italian Town My Italian Town

Mickela Mallozzi is American, but she's going back to her family town of Minturno, Italy, to reconnect with her beloved Nonna and to dance in the annual Wheat Harvest Festival. It's a chance for the whole town to celebrate, but Mickela has only days to learn the new choreography so she can take part, and do her grandmother proud.

How to Make Money and Travel Full Time How to Make Money and Travel Full Time

YouTubers Bee and Theo are full-time travellers with virtual careers, which they conduct from their narrow boat and their van. From YouTube videos to stock photos and blogging, they explain how they earn money while being constantly on the move.

Moai heads, the pride of Rapa Nui Moai heads, the pride of Rapa Nui

We've all seen the famous Moai heads, in films, on TV and in pictures. Not many of us have seen them in person though - as they live on Easter Island, a small island in the Pacific Ocean. How did the heads get there and what were they for?

Welcome Refugees Welcome Refugees

Ballaghaderreen, a small town in Ireland, is getting ready for the arrival of 80 Syrian refugees. Some people are doubtful about the arrival, but the new residents receive warm welcomes all around: Ballaghaderreen is definitely ready to accept refugees.

Ghassan's Journey Ghassan's Journey

Ghassan and his family arrive in Ireland after a long and difficult journey from Syria. They're asylum seekers, waiting to hear about their refugee status. We join Ghassan as he adjusts to a new culture and community, and learn about what it's like to live a life in limbo. Will he receive his refugee status?

Sky Lodge: An Unusual Hotel Sky Lodge: An Unusual Hotel

Tony and Thomas embark on a stay at The Sky Lodge, a hotel suspended on a Peruvian cliff. From climbing a vertical rock face to their room, to zip lining to the ground at great speed, it’s a unique adventure.

A Different Kind of Journey A Different Kind of Journey

British photographer Timothy Allen experiences life on the move, following a large Nomadic family in Mongolia. He witnesses their unique travels as they move their possessions, pop-up shelters, and hundreds of animals across the snowy Altai mountains.