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What is Ready to Run and how do I use it?

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    What is Ready to Run and how do I use it?

    What is Ready to Run?
    Ready to Run is the award-winning series of authentic video experiences for English Language Teaching.  produced by Digital Learning Associates.  We’ve taken the best of real TV, real vloggers, and real YouTube - and re-edited it to match CEFR grades and the real-world topics of ELT syllabus.

    Each video has been tailor-made in line with the CEFR framework and comes complete with a suite of supporting materials including full lesson plans, activities, transcripts and English language closed captions. With content across dozens of real-world topics and focused grammar and vocabulary at every stage, Ready to Run is simply the world's best ELT resource: innovative, flexible, entertaining and digital-first.

    What do you mean by authentic video?
    Authentic video is video that was originally created for another purpose. We mean: stuff you might chose and want to watch, as opposed to stuff a textbook forces you to do.  We find great content, then re-edit it to make it suitable for use in the ELT classroom. DLA carefully researches material ranging from TV programmes to films, and documentaries to vlogs on YouTube. We assess the material, considering everything from subject matter, clarity of speech, language complexity, and production values. If we determine that the material could work as an ELT asset, we license the material then re-edit it ourselves in order to distill a particular story, grade the natural speech, introduce levelled narration (though not always), and essentially make sure it is suitable for use in a classroom environment.

    What’s the best way to use video in ELT?
    There are many ways to use video within ELT. We have created downloadable Teacher Packs and Student Worksheets for each video, which you can use in full or as inspiration for your own activities. Our resources focus on pre-watching, while watching, and after-watching activities and projects. Check the blog for ideas. 

    Can I use Ready to Run for remote or online classes?

    Of course. We recommend playing it out on your learning platform of choice using the screenshare function

    How do I get Ready to Run for my school?
    A school wanting unlimited access for all teachers will need to register for a Video School subscription. This will enable school-wide access to the platform on a rolling basis.

    Membership questions

    Who can use Ready to Run?
    Ready to Run is a resource for English Language teachers to use with their students to further their engagement with and understanding of the English language. Individual teachers registering for the service can show videos and share resources with their students. Registered schools can play videos and share resources with students within the school grounds.

    I’m a private teacher, can I use Ready to Run?
    Yes. Take the subscription that works for you. If you run a smaller private tutoring operation we recommend Video Pro.

    Can I share my login with a colleague?
    If you are working together in a school registered with a Video School subscription, that's fine. A Video School subscription is school-wide and can be shared amongst teachers, who can then show students videos and share resources. 

    Can I share my login with my students?

    At the moment, we cannot allow account sharing with students. Students can be shown the video in a classroom setting or by screenshare if they are off site. If students accessing videos is a requirement for you, please contact Digital Learning Associates to discuss a bespoke service whereby our materials can be hosted within your school’s own platform, access to which can then be shared with students.

    Can I download the videos?
    Our videos are non-downloadable as standard for copyright reasons. However, download access is possible with a bespoke service. Please contact us for more information.

    What do the different subscription levels offer?
    Visit our Subscribe Now page for more information on the types of subscriptions available.

    How do I change my subscription?
    Each member who joins Ready to Run will automatically have the Video Star subscription added to their account. To upgrade from Video Star to Video Pro or Video School click to upgrade on an individual video in the Catalogue or select your chosen subscription on the Subscribe Now page.

    To upgrade from Video Pro to Video School click to upgrade on an individual video in the Catalogue or select your chosen subscription on the Subscribe Now page.

    Only the Video School subscription is a rolling monthly subscription which will renew automatically. To downgrade from the Video School account, cancel your subscription using the instructions below and select Video Pro from the Subscribe Now page.

    How do I cancel my subscription?
    Only the Video School subscription is a rolling monthly subscription which will renew automatically. If you have purchased a month's access to videos using the Video Pro subscription this is a one-off purchase that does not need to be cancelled and will not recur. Your access to Video Pro content will expire a month after your purchase.

    To cancel your Video School subscription go to My Plan and select Cancel Membership. My Plan is located within My Account > Billing > Change Plan.

    Technical questions

    How do I download the Teacher Pack, Student Worksheet or Transcript?
    Upon selecting a video, you will find the downloadable resources listed in a sidebar to the right of the video screen. Click on the resource you would like to download, and it will begin automatically.

    How do I turn captions on and off?
    Each video has a toolbar at the bottom. Hover over the video screen to make sure it’s visible, then select the CC button on the toolbar’s right. From there you can select English language captions to turn them on. You can also choose to turn them off.

    How do I make the videos fullscreen?
    In the video player, click the icon on the far right of the toolbar that looks like four corners. This will play the videos fullscreen. Click the icon again to return the screen to its original size. Captions will continue in full screen

    Payment questions

    How do I use a coupon or discount code?
    On the payment screen, you will see a box on the right which asks for your discount code. Please enter the code (case sensitive) in this box and select ‘Apply’. The discount will then be applied to your transaction and you will see the difference reflected in the price immediately. Please note that it is important to apply your code before selecting ‘Complete’ on the payment, or the code will not be applied. If you are experiencing trouble with your code, please contact us.

    What if my school has subscribed and I am a teacher wanting to access on the school account? 
    Easy. Just create yourself as a user and when it comes to the payment screen, enter the passcode from your school administrator. It will convert your payment to zero. 

    How do I request an invoice or VAT receipt?
    Once a payment has been made, you will receive an order confirmation by email. This will contain the details of your transaction. Should you require anything more specific, please contact Digital Learning Associates.

    How do I use a payment card if I am paying the subscription.
    Ready to Run is powered by Uscreen, a video subscription platform founded in Washington, D.C. and your card details are safe. Your payment card can be updated within Billing in the My Account section of the website. Select Change Plan and enter your new card details. All the pages of the Uscreen website use HTTPS to transmit data securely from your computer to their servers meaning that the green "Secure Connection" padlock should always be present in your browser's address bar when using the website. Having a secure connection is particularly important when using any website that is transmitting usernames and passwords or payment card information. 

    Uscreen use Stripe for all payment processing. No card information is stored by Digital Learning Associates or Uscreen, instead being passed securely straight to Stripe to process payment. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

    Stripe is quickly becoming the industry standard for credit card security online. More about their security practices can be found here.

    Other Questions

    When are more videos coming to Ready to Run?
    Digital Learning Associates is in production on further videos all the time. As soon as they are available, they will be added to the service.

    Can DLA create bespoke videos for me?
    Yes. Digital Learning Associates collaborates with companies and individuals worldwide to produce bespoke learning experiences, and we would love to hear from you if you have a requirement. Please contact Digital Learning Associates. with your details and some information about the project you had in mind, and we’ll be in touch to see how we can work together.