New Vlog Content for April 2020

This month, we have five brand new vlogs ready for you. Part of our all-new vlogger series, we are adding all five to your subscription for free alongside our usual content updates.

In addition, all new videos on the platform now include Student Packs, ready to share with students for your remote lessons.

We are very excited about the new vlogs and want to hear what you think. Please use our feedback form to let us know how the lesson went!

A1 Sloth Calendar

A1 Tally's Vlog - A Tour of my Flat

Tally lives in a small and cozy one bedroom flat. She shares it with her two rabbits and has plants in every room.

A2 Chris, the Comic Book Writer

A2 Steve's Vlog - Exploring the Island of East Java

Travel vlogger Steve gives us a tour of East Java and it's most impressive natural sights.

B1 Soul Food

B1 Tabitha's Vlog - Memories of Iceland

Tabitha tells us all about her feelings as she moved from London to Iceland and went through a whole set of new experiences there.

B1+ The Real Story of Tutankhamun

B1+ Dei's Vlog - Gadgets That Will Change The World

Dei believes technology will save the world. In her vlog, she talks about the most promising gadgets around.

B2 Social Media Challenge

B2 Tally's Vlog - Some Autumnal Outfits

Tally showcases some of her favourite autumn outfits. Her key priority? She's trying to avoid buying anything new this year!

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