Five Day Challenge: Transitioning to A2

Changing levels can be a difficult time for learners. We’ve compiled 5 videos to ease the transition from A1 to A2. Start the new part of the course with a week of confidence building - try watching one of the videos a day for 5 days to fill your students with confidence, not anxiety, about the level ahead.

Sky Lodge An Unusual Hotel ELT Video

A1 - Sky Lodge: An Unusual Hotel

Tony and Thomas embark on a stay at The Sky Lodge, a hotel suspended on a Peruvian cliff. From climbing a vertical rock face to their room, to zip lining to the ground at great speed, it’s a unique adventure.

Japanese High School Life ELT Video

A1 - Japanese High School Life

Sophie, a German vlogger, documents her experiences as an exchange student at Japanese High School. School life couldn't be more different from her hometown, with a scenic journey, a 'no shoes' policy, and traditional Japanese delicacies to enjoy at lunch.

Stormchasers ELT Video

A2 - Stormchasers

Reed is at the centre of one of the largest tornadoes in history, but he doesn't know that yet. He and his team of stormchasers follow and film extreme weather for a living, but never like this. El Reno grows in size and power as it moves across the state, taking them by surprise at every turn, but they persist.

Welcome Refugees ELT Video

A2 - Welcome Refugees

Ballaghaderreen, a small town in Ireland, is getting ready for the arrival of 80 Syrian refugees. Some people are doubtful about the arrival, but the new residents receive warm welcomes all around: Ballaghaderreen is definitely ready to accept refugees.

What Can You Buy for €1 in a Norwegian Supermarket ELT Video

A2 - What Can you Buy or €1 at a Norwegian Supermarket?

Monica, a Portuguese vlogger living in Norway, carries out an experiment to reveal the true cost of living. How much food can she buy in her local supermarket for one euro or less? The answer might surprise you.