Interactive student links

Ready to Run ELT videos now in interactive format

We're launching mobile-friendly interactive versions of our videos.  Designed for today’s smartphone-native learners, each graded package engages students with the unit topic, and uses video to retain their attention during the targeted language development and comprehension tasks. 10 units are out now. A further 150 will be completed this year. 

As with all our ELT products, our interactives are designed to work in flipped, blended and online mode as well as traditional in-person classes. When students come to the class session having viewed and understood the resource on their mobiles, teachers can teach much more effectively.

Our tutorial walks you through one interactive: Tati's vlog: Morning Routines. 

Tati's Morning Routine
Tati's vlog is an A1 unit which students can now consume on mobile as an interactive

How to get interactive video units for your class

On the Digital Learning Associates website we've put links to 10 interactives we're offering free for 3 months. Hit the button and go!

Go to 10 interactive units - free!

For Ready to Run platform subscribers with Video School access, the shareable student link on every unit now goes to the interactive version of the video. It means Video School users can offer their students unrestricted access to the interactive experience, as a normal part of their learning. 

Don't have a Video School subscription? Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to upgrade you free for 3 months, so you can try them out with your students too! We'll ask you to give us reviews and feedback, that's all.