Special Offer: Full Catalogue Access for ELTons Awards

The full Ready to Run catalogue is now available free in the run up to the ELTons Awards

Ready to Run’s recent nomination as a finalist for the Innovations in Learner Resources 2019 ELTons awards has come with a surge of demand for the content. We can think of no better time to grant all our subscribers full access to our content:

45 videos at 5 levels + exciting new releases coming soon!

For just three weeks, from June 3rd to June 24th, the full content of our catalogue is now available to all our subscribers. Take the opportunity to try our content out during these last few days of class before the summer break. We recommend A1 Picnic snack ideas, a great summer recipe video, and not just for language learning purposes!

Picnic Snack Ideas

Follow Monica, Martine and Emma's advice on how to prepare for a summer picnic with their fun and easy recipes: instant cheesecake and mango lemonade. These straightforward ideas are just the ticket for some outdoor summer fun with friends!

Live stream the ELTons awards ceremony on June 10th and don’t forget to to cheer us on! And if you are not already subscribed, do so now and enjoy this special offer.