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Privacy Policy

Under the terms of the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations, Digital Learning Associates Ltd is a Data Processor. We need to work with data such as names, contact details and other business information of people who are in contact with us. The legal basis for DLA processing such personal data is: 

We need to hold the data in order to work with you. You have the right to object - please do so by emailing mail@digitallearningassociates.com and if you object we will remove your data except where we are required by law to hold the records. 

DLA also work with UScreen (which is the website provider for Ready to Run) which processes data in order to deliver the platform's service, and Mailchimp (our Ready to Run marketing email client) which processes data so that we can supply our Ready to Run customers with service news and updates. 

You will only receive marketing communications from us if you confirm this is what you wish. Please share your feedback about our data policies.