Three picks: Fresh out of YouTube!

As you know, we work very hard to make carefully curated versions of authentic videos that are just right for the ELT classroom. And (spoiler alert!) we are working on a brand knew vlogger series. The resulting videos will include real vloggers making or adapting their own curated content especially for your classroom. And in these curated videos we make sure key aspects like length, level of difficulty and topic alignment are just right.

However, we also believe it’s good to try and step out of our everyday constraints and try our the real thing with our students. Sure, there are downsides, but the feeling of achievement will be all the more satisfying for them when you give them something raw and 100% authentic. And, you get to show something that happened as recently as yesterday!

We’ve spent hours watching YouTube and have found some videos that are just perfect for an ELT classroom! Take a look.

A1 Picnic Snack Ideas ELT Video

Worst Flight Experience (on my birthday) Travel Fail

#TravelVlog #AirTravel #DestinationBarcelona

Looking for back to school content packed with key travel vocabulary across multiple levels? Combine this video with asking the students to share their own worst flight experiences and get everyone talking right away. This twelve minute video includes Steve’s adventures (or misadventures) trying to get from the States to Barcelona in time for his birthday.

A1 Picnic Snack Ideas ELT Video

turning myself into a VSCO girl

#InternetTrends #FashionVlog

In this video, Samantha researches the meaning of the latest “it girl”: VSCO girl. Then, she tries it out on herself. Her language might feel quite complicated, but the clear structure of her video and her use of repetition will allow our students to follow no problem. Includes useful links to the article and quiz she mentions, very helpful if you want to build a lesson around the video!

A1 Picnic Snack Ideas ELT Video

Sustainable Living - Off-Grid in Romania

#Sustainability #Romania #TravelVlog

Sandy is German and lives in London, but in this video she’s out for a new experience: sustainable living in Romania. This video includes useful vocabulary on homes, food and nature and can be used even at very low levels thanks to Sandy’s amazingly clear speech.

Warning: These videos are not part of our series and might include non PARSNIP content such as bare shoulders, occasional swearwords and a little drink, so please review the videos in full before sharing them with your classroom!