Three Picks: Try This at Home - Videos to Set-up Home Tasks

We’ve put today three videos to help taking language learning beyond the classroom.

Try using these videos to set up home tasks with your students at A1 level and beyond.

A1 Picnic Snack Ideas ELT Video

A1 Picnic Snack Ideas

This fun recipe video gives students with very little English the opportunity to hear food vocabulary in authentic use with clear on-screen support. Try getting your students to make some of the recipes at home, write their own recipes, or even make their very own recipe videos!

A1 Sophie's Costume ELT Video

A2 Sophie’s Costume

Sophie’s incredible costume is enough to inspire any student to try their hand at cosplay outfit design. Students can design their outfits in class and make them at home or vice-versa.

A2 The Climate Heroes ELT Video

A2 The Climate Heroes

“Ideal for inspiring younger students, this video looks at a group of children trying to have a positive impact on the environment in their community, and demonstrates a step-by-step process that turns ideas into actions.