Your Video Star Subscription for July 2020

We hope you are enjoying your Video Star subscription to Ready to Run. Here are the videos you have access to in July 2020.

A1 Video Star

A1 Crazy Rises

This month’s new video: A1 Fairy Tale House

Lifestyle vlogger Bee loves small houses and she has found the perfect example. She shows us round a real-life fairy tale cottage that has to be seen to be believed.

A1 Natalie's Vlog - Top 5 Things in Paris

This month's new vlog: A1 Natalie's Vlog - Top 5 Things in Paris

Nat recently spent a weekend in Paris and has a lot to show us: from galleries and art museums to a picnic with views of the Eiffel Tower.

A2 Video Star

A2 Welcome Refugees + FLV

This month’s new video: A2 Welcome Refugees + FLV

Ballaghaderreen, a small town in Ireland, is getting ready for the arrival of 80 Syrian refugees. Some people are doubtful about the arrival, but the new residents receive warm welcomes all around: Ballaghaderreen is definitely ready to accept refugees.

This unit includes a Functional Language Video (FLV) in which Dev and Sophia talk about 'Welcome Refugees' and use funcional language on greetings.

A2 Tati's Vlog - Student Chores

This month's new vlog: A2 Natalie's vlog - Transport in Europe

Tati tells us all about what it means to move out of the family home and into student accommodation: freedom to do all your chores yourself!

B1 Video Star

B1 Pottery Challenge

This month's new video: B1 Pottery Challenge

A group of artists put their creative skills to the test. They must work against the clock to create a set of tiles, before showing their work to the judges. There can only be one winner.

B1 Bee and Theo's vlog - How to Make Money and Travel Full Time

This month's new vlog: B1 Sammy's Vlog - Ways to Appear Confident

Appear confident and you will become confident" says Sammy. Bold trousers, standing up straight and smiling will help.

B1+ Video Star

B1+ Ghassan's Journey

This month’s new video: B1+ The Mystery of the Axe

Archaeologists find a strange object in a Huron Indian settlement in Canada. It's an iron tool, which Native tribes did not use, dating back from before Europeans had reached the area. Its discovery could change Native American history as we know it. Researchers Andrea and Ron investigate, to try and solve the mystery of the axe.

B1+ Connor's vlog - Diggers Dancing

This month's new vlog: B1+ Connor's Vlog - Diggers Dancing

Connor is out on a challenge. He wants to capture the sounds in his local environment and turn them into music.

B2 Video Star

This month’s new video: B2 Tricks All Round

If there's one thing the British magician Dynamo loves about his job, it's bringing laughter and happiness where it's needed most. We watch him pay a visit to a children's charity where he impresses kids and adults alike with his dazzling skills.

B2 Tricks All Round

This month new vlog: B2 Maiku's Vlog - Fermentation Station

Maiku is ready for an experiment. He is very interested in the world of fermentation and is going to start out by attempting to making cured egg yolks. It's all about making sure the transformation takes place in a controlled environment. Will it work?

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