Your Video Star Subscription for October 2020

We hope you are enjoying your Video Star subscription to Ready to Run. Here are the videos you have access to in September 2020.

A1 Video Star

A1 Sloth Calendar

This month’s new video: A1 Sloth Calendar

Photographer Lucy travels to Costa Rica in the hope of capturing one of the most popular wild animals, the sloth. She explores a sloth sanctuary and learns about their living habits, shooting them for her famous sloth calendar.

A1 Chelsie's vlog - A New Pet

This month's new vlog: A1 Chelsie's Vlog - A New Pet

Chelsie loves her cousin Brad's pets, Harley and Peter. So she decides to visit a pet shop and choose her own pet. She loves the fish but the rabbits are so cute!

A2 Video Star

A2 Chris the Comic Book Writer

This month’s new video: A2 Chris the Comic Book Writer + FLV

Manhattan-based Chris is a comic book writer on a quest to pursue his dream and get his book on the stands. He has commissioned artwork and even shot a short firm to showcase the character he has created: The Protector.

This unit includes a Functional Language Video (FLV) in which Dev and Sophia talk about 'Chris the Comic Book Writer' and use funcional language on offers and requests.

A2 Ben's vlog - I Know Nothing About Fashion

This month's new vlog: A2 Ben's Vlog - I Know Nothing About Fashion

Ben is no fashion expert, but he loves his clothes and is excited to tell us all about them.

B1 Video Star

B1 Moai Heads, The Pride of Rapa Nui

This month's new video: B1 Moai Heads, The Pride of Rapa Nui

We've all seen the famous Moai heads, in films, on TV and in pictures. Not many of us have seen them in person though - as they live on Easter Island, a small island in the Pacific Ocean. How did the heads get there and what were they for?

B1 Bokang's vlog - Winter Haul

This month's new vlog: B1 Bokang's Vlog - Winter Haul

Today, Bokang shares her latest winter purchases including a denim jacket she found in a thrift shop and a successful online purchase.

B1+ Video Star

B1+ Farhana's Rafikis: Meet and Greet in Mombasa

This month’s new video: B1+ Farhana's Rafikis: Meet and Greet in Mombasa

Kenyan YouTuber Farhana Oberson has thousands of followers. Like many vloggers, she's given her community of followers a name: Rafikis, which is the Swahili word for 'friend'. To thank her Rafikis for their continued support and to get to know them in person, she organises the first-ever YouTuber meet and greet event in Mombasa.

B1+ Ruaridh's vlog - Home on a Break

This month's new vlog: B1+ Ruaridh's vlog - Home on a Break

Vlogger Ruaridh is home in Scotland for a break and will be staying in his brother's old room. As he's going to be there a while, he does his best to make it nice and comfy.

B2 Video Star

This month’s new video: B2 A Biofuelled Trip

Sean Lee Davis has heard about an invention that sounds too good to be true: a converter that turns waste cooking oil into biofuel. Having learned how the technology works, he sets off to deliver a portable version, relying on the machine to power his journey all the way from Singapore to Cambodia.

B2 Jason's vlog - Songwriting Tips

This month new vlog: B2 Jason's Vlog - Songwriting Tips

Jason shares some simple tips and advice on how to create your own song. He can't pass on his outstanding singing skills but he can help with the writing!

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