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A1 Soccer in Soweto

A1 Soccer in Soweto

Football culture, Soweto style. South Africans are crazy about football and this video introduces us to this noisy, colourful and enthusiastic world. We see the celebrations around the year’s biggest match at Soccer City in Soweto, follow an international football freestyler as he seeks out South African freestyle talent and of course we hear the infamous vuvuzelas.

A2 A Cocos Malay Wedding

A2 A Cocos Malay Wedding

Siti helps her brother-in-law paint his skin yellow: he is getting ready for his wedding in the Cocos Malay tradition. However, as they prepare, Siti is worried about the feast. They live on a small isolated Australian island and their supply boat is three weeks late. Its delay jeoparidises the celebrations - will everything go right on the day?

B1 Soul Food

B1 Pottery Challenge

A group of artists put their creative skills to the test. They must work against the clock to create a set of tiles, before showing their work to the judges. There can only be one winner.

B1+ The Real Story of Tutankhamun

B1+ My Italian Town

Mickela Mallozzi is American, but she's going back to her family town of Minturno, Italy, to reconnect with her beloved Nonna and to dance in the annual Wheat Harvest Festival. It's a chance for the whole town to celebrate, but Mickela has only days to learn the new choreography so she can take part, and do her grandmother proud.

B2 Social Media Challenge

B2 Working at Sea

A young fisherwoman takes to the sea. She feels at home here, despite the opinions, comments, and pressures from those who question her choice of work. Shrugging off the stereotypical expectations and supposed limitations that attend her gender, she explains what she loves about being on the open water and why she's not going anywhere else.

A1 Sloth Calendar

A1 Tally's Vlog - A Tour of my Flat

Tally lives in a small and cozy one bedroom flat. She shares it with her two rabbits and has plants in every room.

A2 Chris, the Comic Book Writer

A2 Steve's Vlog - Exploring the Island of East Java

Travel vlogger Steve gives us a tour of East Java and it's most impressive natural sights.

B1 Soul Food

B1 Tabitha's Vlog - Memories of Iceland

Tabitha tells us all about her feelings as she moved from London to Iceland and went through a whole set of new experiences there.

B1+ The Real Story of Tutankhamun

B1+ Dei's Vlog - Gadgets That Will Change The World

Dei believes technology will save the world. In her vlog, she talks about the most promising gadgets around.

B2 Social Media Challenge

B2 Tally's Vlog - Some Autumnal Outfits

Tally showcases some of her favourite autumn outfits. Her key priority? She's trying to avoid buying anything new this year!

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