Ready to Run

A brand-new series of engaging and authentic video experiences for English Language Teaching


Ready to Run is a brand-new series of engaging and authentic video experiences for English Language Teaching. We’ve taken the best of broadcast, vloggers, and YouTube to develop effective and entertaining learning resources for the ELT teacher and student.

Each video has been tailor-made in line with the CEFR framework and comes complete with a suite of supporting materials including full lesson plans, activities, transcripts and English language closed captions.

Offering content across dozens of real-world topics and featuring focused grammar and vocabulary at every stage, Ready to Run offers learners the latest ELT materials in an innovative, flexible, and entertaining digital-first experience.

Our videos

  • Captivating content from the real world
  • Featuring levelled natural speech and graded commentary
  • English language closed captions
  • All videos are pre-cleared for world rights, meaning you can use them anywhere, any time
  • Easy access: videos and learning resources available online making them perfect for blended learning
  • Videos aligned to a specific vocabulary focus and grammar focus.

Our supporting materials

  • Aligned to CEFR framework
  • Flexible lesson plans which can be used in full or as a starting point
  • Full transcript
  • Approaches to natural English in the classroom
  • Activities created to get students to remember, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and create language while applying 21st-century skills and CLIL along the way.
Developed for ELT professionals

Developed for ELT professionals

Our content is licensed from popular media sources like TV and YouTube, then re-edited for the ELT syllabus.

Unlimited class use of videos

Unlimited class use of videos

Our authentic video units will transform youth, adult and young learner courses in general English or IELTS pathways.

Award-winning content

Award-winning content

Validated with awards and take-up by publishers, we provide an easy way to serve graded videos and study packs.

Authentic ELT for Generation Z

ELT providers consistently wish for authentic videos and inspiring video-led learning materials. But it can be hard to find resources with graded natural speech and commentary that you can use anywhere, any time. Not any more. A new set of authentic videos for core ELT topics is now available from DLA in our exclusive series, Ready to Run.