Nadiya's Family Nadiya's Family

Nadiya, winner of the The Great British Bake Off, has always felt very British despite her Bangladeshi heritage. She decides to visit Bangladesh, where her parents, cousins, and grandmother help her connect to the culture of her family's home country.

Cooking Korean Cooking Korean

Chef Kristen Kish is Korean, but knows very little about the cuisine. She and Danielle Chang set out to correct this in New York City, where they try Korean donuts, before embarking on a wild lesson on how to make that famous Korean staple, kimchi.

Growing Cities Growing Cities

Dan and Andrew travel the USA seeking a solution for urban farming, to help people in cities find the quality fresh food needed for a healthy lifestyle. They compare empty lots in Detroit with the dense population of New York.

Soul Food Soul Food

South London offers an impressive array of global delicacies, with cuisines from North Africa, the Middle East, Jamaica and more. We learn why these stall and shop owners dedicate so much time and effort to making food for their communities.

What can you buy for €1 in a Norwegian supermarket? What can you buy for €1 in a Norwegian supermarket?

Monica, a Portuguese vlogger living in Norway, carries out an experiment to reveal the true cost of living. How much food can she buy in her local supermarket for one euro or less? The answer might surprise you.

Picnic Snack Ideas Picnic Snack Ideas

Follow Monica, Martine and Emma's advice on how to prepare for a summer picnic with their fun and easy recipes: instant cheesecake and mango lemonade. These straightforward ideas are just the ticket for some outdoor summer fun with friends!