The Real Story of Tutankhamun The Real Story of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun is one of the world’s most famous Pharaohs. The Pharaoh’s beautiful mask is a symbol of ancient Egypt. We follow Dallas Campbell to the Valley of the Kings as he seeks to find out what Tutankhamun’s tomb can tell us about the king’s life.

Moai heads, the pride of Rapa Nui Moai heads, the pride of Rapa Nui

We've all seen the famous Moai heads, in films, on TV and in pictures. Not many of us have seen them in person though - as they live on Easter Island, a small island in the Pacific Ocean. How did the heads get there and what were they for?

The Mystery of the Axe The Mystery of the Axe

Archaeologists find a strange object in a Huron Indian settlement in Canada. It's an iron tool, which Native tribes did not use, dating back from before Europeans had reached the area. Its discovery could change Native American history as we know it. Researchers Andrea and Ron investigate, to try and solve the mystery of the axe.

Living in 1927 Living in 1927

Three families go back in time and adopt the lifestyle of 1920s coal-mining communities. As today's technology is an integral part of our lives, we see how the families manage cooking, washing, work, and leisure without it.