Your Video Star Subscription for September 2020

We hope you are enjoying your Video Star subscription to Ready to Run. Here are the videos you have access to in September 2020.

A1 Video Star

A1 Nadiya’s Family

This month’s new video: A1 Nadiya’s Family + FLV

Nadiya, winner of the The Great British Bake Off, has always felt very British despite her Bangladeshi heritage. She decides to visit Bangladesh, where her parents, cousins, and grandmother help her connect to the culture of her family's home country.

A1 Isa's Vlog - My School Day

This month's new vlog: A1 Isa's Vlog - My School Day

Isa shares her usual school-day routine, a routine she shares with students all around the world. She gets ready, goes to school, then the gym, then home for dinner and a little more studying before bed. And she never loses the smile on her face!

A2 Video Star

A2 The Climate Heroes

This month’s new video: A2 The Climate Heroes

Six innovative thinkers have come together to combat the environmental challenges suffered by rural California. In an attempt to prevent dangerous forest fires, they work with real engineers to develop a prototype screensaver, with cameras that can monitor the forest.

A2 Ioan's vlog - Up the Mountain

This month's new vlog: A2 Ioan's vlog - Up the Mountain

Ioan lives in Wales and likes to go hiking. But last time he was out with his dad and sister, things didn’t go exactly as planned. But they survived!

B1 Video Star

B1 Speaking Through Poetry

This month's new video: Speaking Through Poetry

Lucrecia, a young Londoner, explains how she uses poetry as an outlet to express herself. Featuring excerpts of poetry performance, the lives of British ethnic minority communities are brought to the forefront in this story about self-expression.

B1 Tati's vlog - Revision tips and tricks

This month's new vlog: B1 Tati's Vlog - Revision tips and tricks

Tati's memory isn't great, but she has some tricks to help her study and she's ready to share them with us.

B1+ Video Star

B1+ Finding Your Roots

This month’s new video: B1+ Finding Your Roots

Noel Clarke is a British actor and filmmaker. He grew up without knowing much about his father's side of the family, and wants to learn more. Noel had grown up proud to have roots in Trinidad, but on closer inspection, he discovers his family actually come from Grenada and Carriacou too.

B1+ Storms Vlog - A Digital Creative

This month's new vlog: B1+ Storms Vlog - A Digital Creative

Storm describes herself as a digital creative. In her vlog, she explains why it's so important to have a range of different skills when working in the digital arts industry.

B2 Video Star

This month’s new video: B2 Powwow: A Gathering for Native Americans

Dancer Mickela Mallozi is going to her very first Powwow, a social gathering held by Native Americans. She joins tribes in North Carolina as they celebrate and share their different styles of music and dancing. Mickela speaks with people from across the community, and is overwhelmed as she learns about the significance of this culture to its people.

B2 Erika's Vlog - My Experience in the News

This month new vlog: B2 Erika's Vlog - My Experience in the News

Erika lived in China for five years. Before she moved away, she made a documentary about her experience, and was shortlisted for a prize. It was a really exciting experience in which she enjoyed some time in the spotlight! And, she got to go back to China for the ceremony.

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